Smart Pets Blower Machine High-power 2000W Fast Fur Dryer For Dogs/Cats

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Product features:

【Low noise and healthy wind temperature air flow, with patented air duct design】

By absorbing noise, it can work in the most high-end mode and also have quiet work performance

【Tens of millions of negative ions】

Blow out light and fluffy hair, quick-drying large air volume, wind speed up to 30m/s. Drive away frizz and enhance shine

【Precise temperature control】

LED touch control, intelligent memory temperature. When the heating function is turned on, the smart chip automatically operates and is set to the temperature of the last shutdown

【Stepless speed regulation, wind power can be adjusted at will】

Set up to allow pets to gradually adapt to the transitional process of wind, to avoid discomfort caused by excessive wind speed when starting up


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