Ciao Churu Tuna Mix Grain-Free Liquid Cat Treats 14gX50s

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Ciao is No. 1 selling cat treat in Japan. Ciao Chu-ru is a tasty liquid paste snack that helps to replenish fluid loss in your cat's body. Great for finicky cats and cats that dislike drinking water, Ciao Chu-ru will definitely appeal to them. The treats also contains green tea extracts with anti-odour properties. You can feed the liquid paste directly to your cat, or added to your cat's food for an added flavour to entice your cat to eat his meals. 

🐟Tuna Based
- Tuna (Maguro)
- White Meat Tuna with Fiber
- White Meat Tuna & Scallop Flavour
- White Meat Tuna
- Tuna Dried Bonito Mix

Suitable For 
Cats of all life stages. 

Product Weight 
14g x 50 pouches. 


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