[Bundle of 3] Absolute Holistic Salmon Jerky Dog Treats

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  • Made with real salmon meat
  • Tasty and satisfying
  • Grain-free and chicken-free
  • No by-products, chemicals or allergens
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Suitable for chicken sensitive dogs

Absolute Holistic Grain-Free Salmon Steak is a tasty and healthy treat.
It is made with real deboned salmon meat, that is rich in omega fatty acids to support a healthy skin and coat.
This treat is also free of any chicken or chicken by-products so it is suitable for chicken sensitive dogs.

These jerky treats are made with lean cuts of wholesome meats, slowly flame-grilled to lock in the rich flavours and authentic aromas.
They are also made in small batches and oven-dried to maximise the uniquely moist texture.

Deboned Salmon Meat

Suitable For
Dogs of all life stages.

Country of Origin
Made in USA.

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