ACANA Classics Cat Dry Food - First Feast

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Feed your little wildcat a diet packed with quality animal ingredients. Crafted to provide everything your kitten needs for peak growth and development, ACANA First Feast is brimming with free-run chicken and whole herring in WholePrey ratios of meat, organs, cartilage, and bone, providing your kitten with everything they need, with a delicious flavor they’ll love, so they can grow up healthy, happy, and strong.

- Healthy Skin & Coat Development
- Balanced Omega Fatty Acids Support Healthy Skin & A Shiny Coat
- Healthy Muscle & Bone Growth
- High-Quality Protein Supports Muscle and Bone Growth & Development
- Eye & Brain Development and Function
- Taurine, EPA & DHA are important for the growth and development of healthy cognitive and retinal function
- Craveable Taste
- Small Prey Animal Ingredients and Freeze-Dried Liver Provide

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