[24cans] Nurture Pro Longevity Cat Can Food 80g

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nurturePRO's Longevity Cat Can product is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profile. It is powered with super ingredients that contain omega-3 and glucosamine to boost energy level, reduce stool odours and are a natural source of digestive support.

With canned cat food that is made with elements found in the wild, such as fresh meats and fish and botanical oils, nurturePRO cares for your pets' whole being holistically inside out.

Just like you, nurturePRO has an intrinsic love for animals. Create cherished moments with your pets by providing delicious food that fosters kinship and connection.

6 flavours available:
Catnip - Helps sooth skin irritation and reduces bloating and anxiety levels
Coconut - Are a source of dietary fibre to support digestive health, strengthen immune system and regulate blood sugar levels
Cranberries- Prevent urinary tract infections and are rich in vitamin C and tannin content
Ginger - Relieves stomach upsets, reduces bloating and alleviates overall discomfort
Papaya - Abundant in fibre, to help with weight management and helps relieve constipation
Pineapple - Are a rich source of manganese, essential for processing protein and carbohydrates, packed with soluble fibre to reduce constipation and aid in the control of hairballs

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